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Size Matters

Increases in speed, reductions in size and power, and changes in interconnection and packaging technologies are the drivers of our industry. Our small size and greater design complexity of highly integrated electronic systems offer other advantages such as high capacity in a miniature form factor, power-efficiency, low cost, high reliability and fast operation.

SynapTech’s high density DDR4 modules are designed with new 3D circuit architecture to deliver higher performance memory arrays with lower power requirements at 4-8X reduction in area compared to previously available memory products.

Our workstation and enterprise storage solutions use a Non-Volatile Memory Express (NVMe) host interface to natively support NAND Flash-based SSDs and deliver even greater performance. Nearly invulnerable to high shock and vibration environments and extreme temperatures, the flash memory feature offers faster data access, lower power requirements and high reliability. Unlike solid state drives, no single hardware upgrade is capable of offering the instantaneous and observable boost in system responsiveness compared to a system based on traditional hard drive spinning media.

SynapTech’s cloud technologies and industrialization strategies bring agility and efficiency to IT and embedded environments.

Moore’s Insight

“It may prove to be more economical to build large systems out of larger functions, which are separately packaged and interconnected… to design and construct a considerable variety of equipment both rapidly and economically.”

Source: “Cramming more components onto integrated circuits,” Gordon E. Moore, Fairchild Semiconductor, 1965

Silicon System
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Smart Weapons

Lifecycle Management

Smart Weapons:

Our powerful technology is found in electronic warfare systems that provide threat detection long before they can be seen, and advanced threat countermeasures that maintain surprise against adversary actions. Our system design, architecture and deployment ensures tactical and strategic advantage in situational awareness, surveillance, integrated processing, interception and jamming of communication signals.

IC Obsolescence:

Obsolescence forecasting is a major contributor to effectively managing the production of long-life, high performance embedded electronic systems. Obsolescence threatens not only your brand and credibility in the Aerospace & Defense market, but your balance sheet as well. Life cycle mismatch problems are exacerbated by market conditions driven by short-term metrics, substantial gaps between supply and demand, thirty year life cycles, long manufacturing runs and the high costs of system qualification that make design refreshes an expensive undertaking.

Informed by decades of experience, SynapTech architects provide cost-effective custom solutions to support the lifespan of military and aerospace programs after discontinuation of components and die-level products.

The Future of 3D SoC

The path to improved performance, area and cost lies in processes that enable stacking of disparate technology nodes in a 3D IC stack. Instead of doing everything in the same node based on the most complex node required by a particular function, we manufacture each technology in its optimal node—breaking up the SoC design into specific functions such as cache, CPU, analog and graphics nodes. Further, die stacking improves the proximity of DRAM to compute. Dense and fine-pitch interconnects enable low power interfaces and fine-grain power control of the DRAM. The DRAM is thermally conducive to push heat through to the cooling medium stacked above it. SynapTech brings power-efficient die stacking into mainstream market segments at a fraction of the cost of Thru Silicon Via technology.